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mForce365 - Top 20 tips for running a productive and effective meeting

  1. Clearly define the purpose and goals of the meeting.

  2. Create an agenda and distribute it in advance.

  3. Invite only necessary attendees and ensure that they are prepared.

  4. Start and end the meeting on time.

  5. Encourage participation and actively listen to all attendees.

  6. Stay on track and stay focused on the agenda.

  7. Use visual aids, such as slides or handouts, to enhance understanding.

  8. Take thorough notes and distribute them to all attendees after the meeting.

  9. Follow up on any action items or decisions made during the meeting.

  10. Keep the meeting organized and structured.

  11. Use technology, such as video conferencing tools, to facilitate communication.

  12. Encourage open and honest communication.

  13. Encourage diversity of thought and perspective.

  14. Avoid multitasking during the meeting.

  15. Set ground rules for behavior and communication.

  16. Avoid lengthy or unnecessary meetings.

  17. Use breaks or change of location to keep the meeting fresh and engaging.

  18. Encourage constructive feedback and problem-solving.

  19. Avoid dominating the conversation.

  20. End the meeting with a summary of key points and action items.

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