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Big Data and Analytics not possible anywhere else

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The real cost of Poor Meetings

Critical KPI’s & KRI’s
from all your meetings

And everything you plug into them

Capture & track what every meeting participant does throughout their entire meeting lifecycles.


Truly leverage the organization’s greatest intellectual IP – people and their meeting output.

Abstract Linear Background

Capture and analyze it all

Optimize your productivity and maximize your business outcomes

Capture and leverage

Who produced which idea?

What major decisions were made?

Were they put into action?

Who committed to what, when, and were they done on time?



How did we land on these decisions?

What is the status?

Did we achieve our goals?

What was the benefit to the organization?


Know EXACTLY why your projects get to market successfully, or late and over-budget with clear, verifiable, data-backed visibility.


REPLICATE that success by integrating the learned best practice back into your meeting and project culture.

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