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Welcome to our Support page - here to help!

The basics of mForce365

mForce365 was designed to be flexible enough to work within your company’s very specific cultural meeting topography. The platform lets you and your users easily customize, and then work within your Organization’s existing team and project structure to empower maximum meeting collaboration efficiency. Your mForce365 account connects all of the people collaborating around your meetings, action items, teams, projects, files, and much more.


Users can:


  • Schedule, conduct, and publish notes for meetings

  • Assign action items

  • Create mForce365 Projects

  • Upload files and notes for pre, during and post meeting reading

  • Collaborate with all other users

  • Have a single pane of glass pulling information form One Note, ToDo, Planner, Teams and more!

mForce365 User Types

mForce365 user types govern what users can see/access in your system. Each user type is given differing levels of access to content. Access is to only the individual objects in the system they’ve directly been invited to view. All user types in the system can comment on, and add files to, objects (meetings, action items, projects) they were invited to participate in.


​Members can create/view/access/comment on Meetings, Action Items, Projects, Teams, and Files within your Dashboard. Members are able to create their own content.

Guests have to be explicitly invited to view specific content in your system by Members. Guests can be internal employees or external contributors (contractors, partners, etc…) who don’t need to create content in the system, but might need to complete an action item assigned to them by a Member or add a file to a meeting. Guests can never see anything other than what  they’ve been invited to see. Guests are automatically added to the system when a member invites the guest to a meeting, assigns them an action item, or invites them to a project. Using the Guest designation is a great way to empower cross-company, or even cross-team collaboration without having to give unnecessary or risky access to things they shouldn’t be seeing. It also takes them 10 seconds to sign up for their own account and it’s totally free to everyone.

Projects are similar to Teams, in that they group people and content together in order to create an optimized collaborative environment. Projects within mForce365 work just as they do in your Organization. It’s a way to ensure that all of the important meetings, action items, files, and collaboration that make up projects are always grouped together and are quickly and easily accessible to those who need it most.

Projects also have a start and end date, and essentially act as a virtual space/page for project members to store, access, and collaborate around project content and materials. Projects are accessed by the Projects navigation tab in your mForce365 Dashboard, and each Project has its own ‘home page’ view of everything all of the Project members have added to the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is mForce365?

mForce365 is cloud, browser-based meeting collaboration software that leverages your team’s existing tools and familiar workflows to help capture, share, and then easily manage the contextual information exchanged in every meeting. mForce365 helps your team conduct the most effective and productive meetings possible to drive maximum business success.  

2. How do I sign up for a free mForce365 trial?

You can sign up for free here - No Credit card needed

3. How can I take notes for an mForce365 meeting?

You can take notes for a meeting by simply clicking on a scheduled meeting and select the Notes field.  You can also launch “mF365Now", in case you need to take notes for a meeting not scheduled, on the fly. 


4. Where can I get the latest updates for the mForce365 Integrations?

As mForce365 is Software as a Service, all updates and feature enhancements are automatic - you won't have to do a thing! 

5. How can I buy mForce365 and how much does it cost?

mForce365 is a SaaS application that will be licensed as a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Every sign-up will have a free 30-day trial, after which you will receive an email about purchasing options. You can also purchase at any time during your free trial by click on the “Upgrade" button.

You can purchase as many user licenses you need in a few clicks. Each individual seat or license of mForce365 costs $9.90 per month (less than a single lunch!), or for $99 a year (20% discount).  If you would like to buy more than 100 licenses or for the entire enterprise, simply email us at and one of our product experts will call you back! Alternatively contact your Microsoft EA provider for special pricing.

6. What is a Guest User account and how does it work?

An mForce365 Guest, is a user who has been invited to one of your mForce365 meetings and has had an Action Item assigned to them. Guest users are not part of your group and are not paid users. Guest users receive limited access to the Homepage of the mForce365 Dashboard to log in and complete their action items. 

7. Can I use mForce365 when I am offline?

Yes! Even though mForce365 is browser-based or launched from a Native IOS or Android App (coming soon), if you lose your connection no problem - as soon as you reconnect all your information will be synchronized meaning you never lose any of your critical information!

8. When I save and publish my meeting summaries through the Meeting Binder, who can see them?

Meetings that have been saved and published are seen by participants of that meeting. You can share meeting summary and action items with anyone, but only those who are participants and licenced can continuously access and collaborate online. 

9. Are the action items displayed on the Dashboard the same as the action items displayed on the Action Item Page?

Yes, the listings of Action Items are the same on both your Home page and the Action Items page. However, you can easily change those lists to show different action items by using the filter feature (Completed etc). The two lists are independent of each other, but both have access to all of your Action Items 

10. Are Meeting Summaries editable once they are submitted?

No, once a Summary has been submitted and agreed, and a PDF is created, it cannot be altered or deleted - it is an immutable record for auditing purposes 

Have specific questions? 



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