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CSR and Sustainability - Going Green with mForce365



Sustainable business practices are good for people, the planet and everyone’s business. Environmental stewardship can help businesses increase their operating efficiency, agility, and productivity.

Sustainability is very much on the radar at board-level for ethical and regulatory compliance reasons as well as demands from customers and potential customers to be seen to be “green”. Therefore, digital transformation is an important tool in addressing Sustainability – particularly around the Meeting Lifecycle.

Fully digital meetings, can save money, increase productivity, and increase the security posture of your organization. Remember distributing documents or presentations and meeting attendees taking scribbled notes on pads or loose sheets of paper? Where does this intellectual property go after the meeting?

Digital transformation in meetings reduces negative environmental impacts such as paper consumption as well as pens and ink let alone waste and pollution in the creation and disposal of these products! From an environmental point of view, reducing the use of paper saves trees and conserves energy used in converting those trees into paper and in transporting paper products.

In 1975, “The office of the future” was conceptualized in an article in Business Week. The “paperless office” was decades ahead of its time, but the ramifications of not moving to it sooner, can be seen in our consumption and waste of products and by products of paper-based meetings.

So back to the meeting lifecycle – pre meetings, during the meeting and post meetings. How can mForce365 drive paperless meeting adoption with fantastic outcomes as well as helping to save the planet?


Mobile access from any device – not paper!

Access from anywhere, any place at any time, all your meeting documentation to create a complete, consistent, seamless experience. Provide meeting participants with universal access to documents. Meeting documents no longer get lost or not updated.

Reduce costs and save time

As identified earlier, eliminate the costs associated with printing, ink, and mailing in addition to the administrative time involved.

Increase attendee engagement

By making documents and agendas available from any device, your meeting participants can prepare in advance and contribute more effectively at your meeting (saving the planet and increasing outcomes).


Distribute real-time notifications and meeting updates

We live in an ever-changing business environment. Make last minute agenda changes and uploading of meeting materials available to attendees through electronic notifications – not reprinting!


Ensure data security

Sensitive information and digital documents can be easily managed centrally in your own environment increasing security and removing the need for paper printouts. Online documents also reduce the opportunity of stealing confidential physical documents as well as recording who has had access to confidential data.


Manage more effectively with less effort

The amount of time and effort spent managing a meeting and multiple paper trails is enormous. This includes creating and distributing copies, organizing and filing, and protecting and shredding (for security purposes). Focus on the creation of one digital immutable record for all participants with mForce365.


What about your Office Space?

A digital meeting management solution like mForce365 can remove the need for physically storing meeting documents. Archived meeting documents can consume a lot of valuable office space and by reducing or entirely removing this, can provide your organization with more office space.


Reduce your organizations meeting carbon footprint

U.S. businesses use around 21 million tons of paper each year and discard enough to build a 12-foot wall from Los Angeles to New York City. Choosing mForce365 will have a huge impact in reducing these staggering statistics


mForce365 was created to drive efficiencies and productivity from meetings and delivering an immutable business record – all the while reducing the consumption of paper and helping to save the planet!


Try mForce365 free and go green!

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Sustainability Facts

Can you believe these statistics?

Filing Costs

Businesses in the United States waste $8 billion on managing paper each year, with an average price tag of $20 to file a document, according to Corp! Magazine.

1 Billion trees...

Approximately 1 billion trees' worth of paper is thrown away every year in the U.S., according to statistics collected by St. Charles County of Missouri.

10,000 documents

A nine-square-foot filing cabinet can hold approximately 10,000 documents — the same amount that a typical office worker uses every year.

The Great Wall

U.S. businesses use around 21 million tons of paper each year and discard enough to build a 12-foot wall from Los Angeles to New York City.

Printing Costs

The typical office worker spends an estimated 30% to 40% of their day searching for printed documents. And corporations spend some $120 billion annually on printed forms, which typically become outdated in just three months.

Lost Time

Employees can lose as much as 40% of their time looking for paper files. Imagine how much time you can recover having electronic documents at your fingertips!

Unilever Study

According to a study by Unilever, a third of all global consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good.

And in the bin it goes!

Studies show that 30 percent of printed materials are never even picked up from the printer. 

Lastly, 50% of all printed material on any given day ends up in the rubbish bin by the end of that day!

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