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Manage your entire Student Life
in one place....

(in over 80 Languages)

Try it free  - No credit card needed!

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Always be in control

..of every aspect of your time 

How many times are you cramming for exams or to deliver an assignment?

What about the extra curricular activities on and off campus - how can you manage your time and deliverables more effectively?

Ensure you capture all components of your Student Life with mForce365.

Enjoy your time as a student, knowing you have your life well managed and in control.

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Manage your education and social calendar

Never miss your commitments


Never miss a lecture - or lose the notes you take in them! Cloud stored using your Microsoft O365 account.


Never forget another assignment/homework/action from your lectures - quickly take an action item in mForce365 so critical tasks are not forgotten.

Group Work

Arrange group meetings, discussions and actions - agree key decisions and who does what when - have a permanent record of everyone's commitment!

Extra Curricular

Manage your social calendar and extra curricular activities all from one place. Ensure you can enjoy your entire student experience!

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