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Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability with mForce365 

Fully digital meetings, can save money, increase productivity, and increase the security posture of your organization.

Tree hugging saving paper with mforce365

How can mForce365 drive paperless meeting adoption

...with fantastic outcomes as well as helping to save the planet?

Mobile access from any device – not paper!

Access from anywhere, any place at any time, all your meeting documentation to create a complete, consistent, seamless experience.


Provide meeting participants with universal access to documents.


Meeting documents no longer get lost or not updated.

Manage more effectively with less effort

Reduce the amount of time and effort spent managing a meeting and multiple paper trails.


Stop creating and distributing copies, organizing and filing, and protecting and shredding (for security purposes).


Focus on the creation of one digital immutable record for all participants with mForce365.

Reduce costs and save time

Digital transformation in meetings reduces negative environmental impacts such as paper consumption.


Reduce the use of pens/ink.

Stop the waste and pollution in the creation and disposal of these products!

Make last minute agenda changes and uploading of meeting materials available to attendees through electronic notifications – not reprinting!

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