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For all general meetings - Remote,
In person or Hybrid

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mForce365 - Never
be in an unproductive meeting again 

Fix your "broken" meetings

Empower all meeting attendees to participate and leverage existing tools and familiar workflows - even attendees outside your organization through full integration with existing tools, like audio, video and web conferencing, Office365, Outlook, SharePoint and Teams.

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Change your meeting culture

Use mForce365 to reverse your bad meeting experiences such as....

Before the meeting

No meeting agenda or decisions needed identified?

No purpose identified for having the meeting?

During the meeting

Little focus and participation with attendees multitasking?

Too many or the wrong people in the meeting?

After the meeting

A lack of minutes or actions required sent to all after the meeting?

An unproductive (even counter-productive!) outcome?


Participants wasting valuable time and costing the company money?

With 40-50% of workdays spent in meetings, do the math!

mForce365 - addresses all of these issues, and more in a simple browser based app!

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