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Completely integrated into the Microsoft productivity stack of O365 and Teams

Try it free -  No credit card needed!

With mForce365 and Teams you can add value in any meeting, including in person meetings.

The online dashboard allows users instant access to interact
with and see updated meeting notes, decisions, action items, files and team collaboration that peers and/or clients are engaged in, as it happens.

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Microsoft 365
Microsoft teams
Microsoft O365

and Microsoft

Your Single pane of glass

Imagine looking through a single pane of glass that displays all your O365 information and maximises your meeting ROI


Meetings, actions, projects, decisions, notes, documents - from Outlook, One Note, To Do, Planner, Teams etc and presents it all in one place.


And with full auditing capabilities for you to collaborate with anyone!

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Capture it all

...never lose sight of any details


Insert Teams recordings straight into the mFroce365 platform - take notes, actions, decisions and more!


Don't forget another action from mForce365 or MS Notes or ToDo - bi directional updates ensures you always deliver!


2 way push pull of projects and actions into MS Planner.

And more....

Microsoft O365 Integrated Meeting Management Software that delivers tangible results!

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