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And we are Live with mForce365!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for mForce365

In March we authorized the release of the beta of mForce365. This is our first public release and below are the release notes:

mForce365 as a Progressive web application, a web application that runs solely in your browser using WebAssembly courtesy of Microsoft Blazor.

We don't store anything except some telemetry and some based data on your meetings for the Meeting QR Code sharing feature. Everything else is stored in your Microsoft Enterprise of Business Premium Office 365 account.

This means any action item, meeting, agenda, or project you work with is immediately and instantly available in Office 365 and vice versa in mForce365.

You can consider mForce365 an extension of your Office 365 world.


The following key features are available in this release

Login - All login is performed using your existing Office 365 account, we don't store any login information. This not only keeps your information secure but ensures we adhere to your organization's privacy and security policies.

Dashboard - The first page on logging in is the interactive dashboard. Here you can see your upcoming meetings, upcoming tasks, projects, and your schedule for today.

Meetings - via a rich schedule, you can add meetings (by clicking any blank space in the calendar or opening a meeting)

Action items - Rich and integrated management of action items whether from Microsoft Planner, outlook, or Todo.

Projects - Management of Kanban boards of project items from Microsoft Planner

Agendas - Create, edit and share agendas for meetings to ensure every meeting has an agenda.

Recordings - Easily find every recording of every Teams meeting you have triggered

Meeting Management - mForce365's jewel in the crown is its rich meeting management and includes:

Time meetings and ensure you are on time

Track meetings to an agenda

Assign meetings to Projects

Add Action Items to Meetings

Add and upload files to the meeting

Manage Decisions made and to be made

Manage Participants and their status

Add and edit notes

Update meeting information with Agendas and more

Create an immutable record of a meeting at the end ensuring everyone has the same notes to fall back on. This is attached to the meeting request for storage and retrieval.

We hope you enjoy this version and are excited for any feedback!

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