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Finally, a way to Make
Your Meetings Matter

(in over 80 Languages!) with the Best Meeting Software!

Free - Browser based, no downloads, no credit card needed.


Try mForce365 - The best meeting software that provides the simplest solution to maximize your meeting investment.

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mForce365  The missing link for your business

Transform  unproductive isolated meetings into a complete lifecycle of inclusion, innovation and accountability.

Recognize productivity gains and reduced meeting costs.

Drive increased outcomes and success for your staff and business.


Online meeting

mForce365 - Reimagining the meeting lifecycle

Real Collaboration

Imagine looking at A SINGLE VIEW that displays all of your Microsoft Office365 information - meetings, actions, projects, decisions, notes, documents - from Outlook, One Note, SharePoint, To Do, Planner, Teams etc and presents it all in one place with full auditing capabilities for you to collaborate with anyone!

Simply maximize your meetings' Return On Investment (ROI)!

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Its all about you

Your time, your outcomes, your success

Your Language

All documents, agendas, meeting summaries in over 80+ languages - your local language! Break down barriers and have everyone contribute and agree!

Your Rules

Your data, your location, your rules. Full sovereignty, integrity and control over all your data for every meeting and outcome.

Your Device

Operates seamlessly across any device and O/S, IOS and Android!

Flexibility to work with your existing toolsets.

Your Record

mForce365 Meeting Binder - an immutable, digitally signed record of all meeting records. Agendas, Action items, Decisions and more in 1 easy to read PDF.

.....and your role

Where do you fit in

As a User

Take back wasted time every week and gain complete control over your meeting and project success

Eliminate pre/post meeting clean up and management overhead every week for each mForce365 user

Gain total control over your meeting information and action item accountability to help ensure your project outcomes are more successful

Always look like the completely organized, professional meeting manager

As a Manager

Obtain absolute vision and clarity into your entire team’s meeting effectiveness & performance accountability

Dramatically increase employee efficiency to optimize efficiency and maximize tight budgets

Establish standardized meeting structure and enforce best practices to help your team’s meetings become more productive, efficient, and successful

Gain complete transparency into your employee’s day-to-day business performance

As an IT Champion

mForce365 offers absolute data privacy and security based on your environment, providing  auditability

Decrease enterprise email system burden

Sign up online at the Microsoft Store or download the app from Apple Store or Google Play (coming soon)

Browser based SaaS requires almost zero support

As an Organization

Optimize total organizational efficiency by decreasing employee waste and cost, increasing project success, and eliminate compliance risk

Save employee wasted time/effort and costs to help streamline organizational efficiency

Enforcing standardized meeting structure and best practices that will dramatically increase employee effectiveness and accountability


Across every meeting....

  • Digitally Transform EVERY Meeting!

  • Whether it is a Team, Project or Board Meeting, scheduled or unscheduled, online, hybrid or face to face

  • Ensure regulatory and legal compliance

    • Gain transparency and access to critical company information

  • Immutable records

    • Who made what decisions and why for complete auditing

Governance in all your meetings

55 million

Meetings held daily in the US alone!


Of workdays are spent in meetings

$1.4 trillion

Estimated annual meeting costs globally

$37 billion

Wasted in bad meetings annually

  • Is there a mobile version of mForce365?
    Yes! As the current application is browser based, it will run in all common browsers. A native mobile version written in dotNET MAUI is currently under development and will be able to run on IOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from those stores.
  • Does everyone need an mForce365 license to complete action items?
    No! There is free action item Lifecycle participation for those that do not have the application. Keep everyone on point regardless and drive successful meeting outcomes!
  • Why is mForce365 currently free?
    mForce365 is currently free as it is our first release and we also want to evaluate further enhancements to the product based on your feedback. If you use mForce365 now for at least 3 meetings per week and wish to upgrade at the next release, You will be able to enjoy a 50% discount. It’s also very easy to include as many team members as you want on mForce365… and you’ll all be able to collaborate together! Have any other specific questions? Shoot us a quick email:
  • What is the Return On Investment if I purchase mForce365?
    From previous research, with time savings and efficiencies, an annual license free of $99 returns that back in under 6 weeks! Check out the Meeting Calculator on our Education Centre page and see how much you could save!
  • Will there be a monthly or annual subscription model?
    Yes! When we release the next version, you can choose to pay monthly or pay annually upfront and save 20%! Enterprise and Not for Profits, please contact us for special pricing
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