Welcome to mForce… with Microsoft Outlook and Teams Integration!

Updated: Apr 2

A hello and an introduction from Nick Beaugeard, CEO and Co-Founder of Make Meetings Matter.

We are excited to soon share our all new Meeting Management Platform with you – mForce. mForce is a Cloud subscription service that empowers any size company to optimize its meeting and collaboration culture and drive efficiencies and outcomes regardless of company size or meeting attendees.

2020 brought on many challenges with remote working and the explosion of Video Conferencing through Teams and Zoom. This created online meeting “fatigue” and further decreased the effectiveness of meetings. After intensive research and feedback, we've built mForce from the ground up to address the critical meeting productivity needs of our customers – both off and online.

mForce takes a re-imagined look at how to create company-wide online, or in person meeting success.

mForce will empower your business to:

· Easily capture everything shared in every meeting

· More effectively take meeting notes, assign action items, record decisions and share files

· Automatically send organised and stylized meeting summaries

· Instantly access and manage all of your team’s meeting information online in one place

· Effectively collaborate with anyone who attends your meetings, internal or external

· Save incredible amounts of lost or wasted time and money for every user

· Send improved Teams and Outlook invites… including a goal, an agenda, your conferencing information and much more

We've added great features on top of the most advanced and accepted technologies out there, including an intuitive look/feel and usability - making it even easier and more powerful for your meeting collaboration.

Sign up to be part of our Preview program to receive automatic updates as we look to deliver the full product suite soon - welcome to mForce.

Nick Beaugeard

CEO, Make Meetings Matter

PS. As always, we love hearing from you, so don’t be shy about contacting us with questions. Thanks again for your interest.

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